Manufactured in the USA of precision machined components and incorporating all stainless hardware. Every effort has been made to make this the most precise, most user friendly and most professional tool for the serious reloader and competitive shooter. Precisely measure all of the following:

  • Seated bullet concentricity
  • Neck thickness variation
  • Cartridge trimmed length
  • Bullet seated overall length
  • Cartridge ovality and distortion
  • Bullet length and diameter

Perform all these measurements with one tool – from .22 Hornet to 470 Nitro Express. Includes a highly accurate electronic digital indicator with LCD readout, auto-off and incredible .0005 inch resolution. Complete with precision fixtures for measuring all of the above. Nothing more to buy! The MUST-HAVE tool for the dedicated reloader who demands consistent accuracy.

Check out the AmmoCheck features below

Is the bullet seated squarely in the case? If not any deviation will result in the bullet being unbalanced in flight and off target. A flier. The AmmoCheck system was designed to precisely and quickly measure bullet runout. The cartridge rolls freely on precision bearings for accurate measurements. The fixtures adjust from .22 Hornet thru 470 Nitro Express.
One of the most important measurements for reloaders is neck thickness. Using precision machined pilots a user is able to rotate the cartridge and measure any neck thickness variation within 0.0005 inches.
In addition, because the AmmoCheck fixtures are completely adjustable, the user is able to also check for cartridge ovality or distortion anywhere along the body which could lead to feeding problems, something competitors can’t.
There are two pilots included, 0.220 and 0.304 diameters and there are over twenty other pilot diameters available. Need a special? We’ll even do that.”
Don’t you want the capability of accurately measuring overall length…trimmed cases, finished cartridges, even individual bullet lengths? The AmmoCheck system was designed to do just that in a rapid and highly accurate way. Once the precision digital indicator is calibrated measurements are done with high precision and speed. Calipers may get you in the ballpark but AmmoCheck will hit home runs every time!
Even measure bullet length or diameter for sorting purposes. You’ll be amazed at how versatile the AmmoCheck system is. Included are two high precision calibration ground calibration standards, 1.0000±.00002 and 2.0000±.00002. Calibration of the precision digital indicator is straightforward and fast.
We also offer a .22 caliber holder for measuring rim thickness for you competitive target punchers.